My Dad’s Cousin’s Wedding!


For the last 2 and 3/4 days, my family and I were gone for my dad’s cousin’s wedding. I am not really related to her but I went because Dad was the one marrying them. The huge joke was that Dad was marrying his cousin!

I had a lot of fun seeing my family and helping them out. I even helped decorate for the wedding!

The wedding itself, was very relaxed but pretty at the same time. Dad’s cousin’s dress was beautiful and my sister held her train while she was walking down the stairs. My uncle (The bride’s dad and yes, he’s not really my uncle) told Belinda to make CHOO CHOO noises while walking down. She didn’t.

The food and cake were also good! The cake was really pretty. It was one small circle on top of a medium-sized circle on top of a large circle. The sides of each circle were split in two colors so the teal got lighter the higher it went.

The food afterwards was also very good. It was barbecue chicken and sandwiches. there were also lot’s of sides.

Dad’s preachy thing was very funny and well-spoken. He wrote it so that it wasn’t just aimed at the bride and groom, but also aimed at the audience. He also made it hilarious with all his jokes that he included.

I had a fun time down in Illinois and am happy I was able to go.


My New Room


My sister and I are getting new, separate rooms!

I am very excited! We already have most of the walls up and we’re going to get electricity and heating done sooner or later. After that they’ll put in the dry wall and they’re going to put in the ceiling!

Since we don’t know exactly when the rooms will be done, we’ve started planning how we’re going to set up and paint our rooms.

On Sunday, we went over to somebody’s house and we got lights, a mirror, a closet door, and some fans. I don’t think the fans will fit since the ceiling will be dropped! Also, one of the lights I got hangs down from the ceiling. I’ll probably put it in the corner where I can’t hit my head on it!

I think the hardest part will be deciding what color to paint the walls! I already know it’s going to be purple but I don’t know what shade! Definitely not dark. But how light should it be?

I have three colors in mind that I got from a book. The book called them Periwinkle, Lilac, and then there was one that didn’t have a name.

Tonight, Mom and I are going to drive over to Menard’s and check out the paint section. We’ll see what I decide on!

I think it’ll be good for Belinda and I to have separate rooms since we usually start fighting when we’re cleaning! And cleaning is very important!

Can’t wait!




The other day, I had a sudden urge to draw something.

My mom had just gotten a book from the library of stuff to draw. I looked through it for ideas.

I picked on called Oodles of Doodles. Although mine has the same color theme and kind of the same look, mine has my own shapes and doodles!





Stuff About Drones, Water, and Some Other Interesting Things


I love Science. I’ve loved science ever since 6th Grade when I had the most amazing Science teacher EVER!

I have a subscription to a magazine called Popular Science and I LOVE IT! I have learned so many things from it. Here are some facts I’ve found interesting.

Drones are a somewhat big topic right now. The July issue of Popular Science gives 25 reasons why people should love drones and 5 reasons people should fear them.

My favorite reason to love a drone is that they can deliver pizza, subs, cheeseburgers, and other things. In fact, Amazon is thinking about getting drones to deliver their stuff! Another reason to like drones is because they can fight off people like pirates or terrorists. Or they can be used to get some pretty cool pictures from above.

On the flip side, if drones get into the wrong hands, they could be used in very horrible ways, like spying on innocent people. So that’s why there is a debate on even being able to use drones publicly.

Another topic that is pretty big is low water supplies. Popular Science highlighted people who invented ways to make fresh water from dirty and salty water.

One man made a machine that took dirty water and made it clean. The way it worked was very confusing but it works! He’s put these machines in multiple countries and is planning on making more and making them better.

The magazine also talked about the ocean and how it is less discovered than space. One of my favorite articles so far was about this huge ship that people are in the middle of making, which will be used to discover the ocean. It will have labs to study new species and the dirt from the bottom floor.  Also, it will have mini subs that scientists can take to get deeper than the bottom of the boat! The reason why it is my favorite article is because it made me want to become an Ocean biologist.

So I have been enjoying my subscription to this magazine! The only down part about liking science is that most scientists don’t believe in God, which influences the articles, but overall, I enjoy learning how scientists are making things to help our world.


10 Days!


If you read the title of this post, you are probably wondering,”10 days till what?”

Well, here’s the answer! MY BIRTHDAY!

If you read the last poem I wrote, (No, not the fishing one) then you already knew that it was pretty close.

But I bet you didn’t know it was that close!

Some things I want for my birthday are:

  1. Ball of Whacks – It’s a ball (obviously) made of triangular magnets that you can take apart and make new shapes out of! And I think the ball even comes with a booklet of shapes!
  2. Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered – Either that or Doodling for the blah blah blah. This is a book full of stuff you can doodle! And I love to doodle!
  3. A bike – I’m not sure anybody is going to get this for me but I want another one because the gears on mine don’t work.

I also want a bunch of other things but I’ve forgotten them. I have them written down somewhere…


My New Hobby!


Yesterday, I asked my dad if I could start whittling. Which is carving wood.

He said yes, gave me a few ideas of what to carve, gave me a knife (and later a saw), And told me how to whittle!

Then… I started!

I decided that I was going to do an arrow with little thingy-majigs on the end. Sort of like the arrow that you shoot from a bow!

I didn’t get too far, but it was far enough to please me!

Today, I got quite a bit farther and I have LOVED every bit of it!

One of my favorite parts about whittling, is seeing all the saw dust and wood shavings surrounding your piece of wood.

When and if I finish my arrow, I will take a picture of it and post it!

The reason I picked the arrow, is 1) it looks cool and 2) Dad has made one! Which is why I know they look cool!





It’s almost the end of Summer,

which is kind of a bummer.

I’ve been spending lot’s of time with my brother,

and sitting on my bumper.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the canoe,

and in my bedroom too!

I’ve been to a camp

and sat beneath a lamp.

I made some pretty cool stuff

and seen some dandelion fluff.

Now it’s almost my birthday,

It doesn’t seem that far away!



The rest of the time while Mom and Belinda were gone, I was very busy.

We watched a cheesy documentary on the World Championship of Monopoly and then played LOT’S of Monopoly.

We did a Scavenger Hunt and a Treasure Hunt.

We did a lot of stuff! I’ve forgotten a lot.

But the most exciting and nerve-racking thing I did, was play my hymns. At Church. With everyone singing.

I did fine and I got a lot of compliments and I thought it was fun. I’m most likely going to do it again. I’m kind of excited!


Today, Dad went fishing. He caught four, very small fish. It’ll be enough for Belinda!

Today, Jacob had a doctor’s appointment and the doctor thinks he’s partly deaf. (I knew it!)

Today, Belinda told the doctor that the reason why she doesn’t eat fish, is because Dad can never catch any. Which explains why Dad went fishing today. And that Belinda would be the only one to get the very small amount of meat!

That’s it for now. I know that wasn’t too exciting.


Almost Home Alone!


Today Mom and Belinda left for Minnesota. They’re not coming back until Sunday evening!

Why? Belinda has a tennis camp and Mom doesn’t want to drive there back and then there and back. At least I think that’s why she’s staying.

So, I made this whole schedule of games Jacob and I can do. So far, it’s been AWESOME!

First, we woke up. That’s probably a good thing.

Next we ate breakfast. Bagels with butter. Yes Mom (I hope you’re reading this somewhere in Minnesota) the Cream Cheese was moldy!

The next activity we did, was “to warm up our brains!” Hangman!

The fourth thing we did, was a game show I made up. It wasn’t the funnest but it wasn’t the worst thing. We had some fun.

Next… I made a Wipeout Course for Jacob and I to run through. It was quite a lot of fun.

After that, we did another hangman puzzle.

Then we rested and read our books until Lunch. Which was very good. Baked Spaghetti!

Like we do a lot, after lunch, we canoed. Jacob jumped in and “got pulled overboard by an alligator”.

After canoeing, we came up with a game to play. We had to find a thief that had stolen a diamond and we needed to get the thief AND the diamond back. Well, we had to get the thief in jail.

The tenth thing we did, was write funny stories. We did this by taking one sentence from a book and then a different sentence from a different book and we had to tie them together. Sometimes we only used two sentences, other times we used LOT’S of sentences. Here are our stories. (I underlined all the parts from books)


Jeff made a decision. He would ask out his crush. But first, he had to get a bouquet of flowers.

The next day, when he walked up to her, he asked her out. She said yes and he gave her the bouquet of flowers. Then she yelled. “A bouquet of flowers!


Flushing the toilet and running the sink will have to wait until the end of each work day because of the sound of running water in the pipes. So I went outside to meet my friend. When she got there, I told her my secret.  “I know a dragon.


Here’s a banana with only one spot, we put it by the tea for dunking the bread. And Mom came down. “A pleasant sort of magic, if I do say so myself.”   Bois Gilbert laughed mockingly.   Zimmo almost felt bad for Betsy. (Betsy was the mom’s name) 12 hours later. Night has fallen.


Once, he wrote a very nasty letter to a former officer in the militia who had been thrown out of the army for cowardly behavior in the French and Indian War and who later dared to demand a share of the lands that the Royal government had given to veterans of the battle.   He memorized it and said it over and over.   And Custard said, “I quite agree that everybody is braver  than me .”  “Ooooooookay,” said George, “Oh and I meant to tell you. In our northern forest,  a king of moose resides.”  Later, people found the letter. It was taller than a newborn calf, and cost as much as his father’s herd of ten cows.   After George told Custard about the moose, this happened.  Collin Jenkins made some new friends.  One of them was named Pugwug. Pugwug was slipping and sliding along, when – Bang!- he bumped into a big group.   They were having tea.  After tea, to Lucy’s surprise, Mr. Tumnus began to weep so hard that there were pools on the floor.    Then May walked in. As an only child, May was sometimes lonely. Her only friends were a bulldozer named Danny Dozer and a Loader named  Luke Loader.  On Wednesday, Danny Dozer and Luke Loader helped make the library bigger.